Top 5 Most Common Parenting Myths Debunked

As a new parent, you will probably get many people in your ear trying to tell you how to approach parenting. Some of them will have great advice, while others may feed you with parenting myths that are somehow still around.

Continue reading to find out some of the most common parenting myths that you shouldn’t fall for.

Parenting Comes Naturally

For some people, this might be true. However, you shouldn’t get frustrated if this isn’t the case for you, as parenting requires hard work, and you’ll get better as time goes by.

Holding Your Baby Too Much Will “Spoil” It

No, it won’t. You should hold your baby as much as you want as a way to show your love. It will also allow you to develop a strong bond.

You Should Let Your Baby “Cry it Out”

Sure, sometimes your baby will just cry because it wants attention. But they can also cry to let you know they are distressed about something or that they feel pain. You should always take a cautious approach and only consider letting your kid “cry it out” when you are certain that there isn’t anything serious behind it.

Video Games Are Bad for Your Kids

Video games certainly can have negative effects if they become your kid’s only activity. However, when enjoyed moderately, they can have many benefits, including developing problem-solving skills.

Kids Need Tough Love

Kids need love, but it doesn’t have to be a tough one. If you decide to take a harsh and discipline-oriented approach to parenting, you might ruin your relationship with your kid to a point of no repair. If you need to discipline your kid, make sure it is only used as a last resort and in a way that doesn’t do them harm.