Top 3 Children’s Books Written by Celebrities

You would be surprised how many celebrities have ventured into writing children’s books. This shouldn’t be surprising since actors and musicians have a lot of creativity and vivid imagination.

There are plenty of great children’s books written by celebs out there, but here are the ones you should definitely check out and recommend to your kid.

Kelly Clarkson – “River Rose and the Magical Lullaby”

The American Idol winner based River Rose and the Magical Lullaby on her own daughter. The book tells a story about a little girl named River Rose who is so excited about her visit to the zoo that he has a hard time falling asleep the night before. Her mom then sings her a “magic lullaby” that transports River Rose to the world of dreams and sends her on an amazing musical adventure. The book comes with a link from which you can download the “magic lullaby” sung by Clarkson.

Seth Meyers – “I’m Not Scared, You’re Scared”

I’m Not Scared, You’re Scared is a funny and charming book written by talk show host Seth Meyers. It stars two unique characters, an easily scared Bear and a brave Rabbit. The two become unlikely friends and embark on an eventful adventure full of hilarious and emotional twists and turns.

Channing Tatum – “The One and Only Sparkella “

Channing Tatum might be an action hero on the big screen, but in reality, he is a big softie. His New York Times Bestseller The One and Only Sparkella proves that. It centers on a girl named Ella and her love for all things sparkling. When Ella decides to tone down the sparkles because of teasing from other kids, her dad steps in and helps her learn the importance of being true to herself.