Toddler Has a Hilarious Reaction After Realizing He’s No Longer the Youngest in the Family

Youngest kids always receive special treatment. This is why they don’t always act in the nicest way when a new baby comes into the family, fearing that they will be the new favorite.

TikTok user Alex Serraes recently posted a clip in which she captured a hilarious reaction of her 20-month-old son Benjamin when he realized that he is no longer the youngest member of the family.

The video shows Benjamin getting introduced to his newborn brother Theo at a hospital. At first, Benjamin looks curious about the baby. However, once he realizes how his life is going to change with Theo’s arrival, he quickly pushes him away.

“When you’re just not ready to give up being the youngest yet,” Serraes wrote in the caption of the video.


When you’re just not ready to give up being the youngest yet.. #fyp #immediatelyno #middlebrother #boymomof3

♬ Immediately No – odafin.t.schultz

The clip of Benjamin and Theo became a hit on social media, getting more than two million views and thousands of comments since being posted back in July. Other TikTok users seemed very amused with Benjamin’s reaction. Some of them even used the opportunity to crack a few funny jokes about the whole situation.

“He’s like, hard pass,” one user wrote.

“Return to sender,” another one wrote.