Tips on Preparing Your Kid for a Hospital Stay

Having to stay in a hospital is a scary experience for any kid. They are away from their home and surrounded by many unknown people. But parents can do a lot to ease challenges that might come with the hospital stay before the admission date. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Announce the Hospital Trip in a Timely Manner

Your kid shouldn’t be caught by surprise. As soon as you know all the details, share them with your kid. Make sure they have enough time to process everything.

Be Honest About It

You shouldn’t lie to your kid about the hospital stay in an attempt to protect them. Be honest with them about how long they will stay and everything that they can expect while there.

Let Them Know They Won’t Be Alone

Tell them that you or a member of the family will come to visit every day. They should know that they won’t be left alone and that they can always rely on someone for support.

Encourage Them to Help with Packing

Let your kid help with the packing for the hospital stay. Ask them which clothes they want to bring along, let them put in their favorite toys, and encourage them to choose their preferred entertainment options like books, art kits, and electronics.