Tips for When Your Child Asks for Help With Homework

Most people can remember the pain of having to complete homework each day after school. After a whole day of learning and studying it can seem unfair, but there’s plenty of evidence to show how beneficial it is. That doesn’t mean it’s not a real struggle for some, and as a parent, you will likely be the first person that your kids come to for help. While this is totally normal, it’s good to keep the following things in mind. 

Try to Establish if They’ve Tried on Their Own Yet

Your kid needs to develop a sense of independence and self-reliance throughout their life. When it comes to homework, always encourage them to at least have a go first before asking for any help. They may discover they can do more than they thought which will be a great confidence boost. 

Be Patient and Understanding

If they have had a go and are still very stuck, then it’s good to show them that they have your support. You can offer them some help with it and try to be as understanding as possible. Even if it seems simple to you, try to remember how hard certain subjects were for you at school. 

Remember That Their Learning is the Priority

When it comes to actually helping them, it’s crucial to remember that they should be taking the lead role at all times. You can support them and help them to figure out how to resolve their struggles, but it would be very unhelpful for them if you started doing it for them, even if that feels easier in the moment.