Tips for Dealing With Fussy Eaters

Your kids being fussy eaters can be a never-ending battle. While they’re totally focused on taste, you’ll be concerned about health and a balanced diet. Here are some ideas to try to approach this in a subtle way.

Hiding Veg

While this may sound a bit sneaky, it can really help to gradually introduce vegetables into your kids’ diet so they get used to them without them kicking up too much fuss. Adding some peas and corn to a cheesy pasta bake will up their veg intake without them even noticing. 


Your kids might seem to just wolf down their food without paying much attention, but you’d be surprised how much they do notice. You can play around with making the presentation of foods they’re not keen on more fun and interesting, so they’ll enjoy it more and have positive associations with the dish.

Get Them Involved

Most kids love to feel involved, and getting them to help out with cooking or preparing food can mean they’ll be more excited to try their own creations. Increasing familiarity with disliked foods will also help them overcome their concerns about trying them.