Tips For Cutting Your Children’s Hair At Home

So, you’re thinking about taking on the role of family barber? Cutting your kids’ hair at home can sound a bit like a comedy sketch waiting to happen, but with a bit of preparation and some patience, it can actually turn into a fun, money-saving family activity. Here are a few tips.

Start With a Simple Style

If you’re new to cutting hair, start with a simple trim or basic style. For boys, a simple crew cut or trim around the ears and neck can be a good starting point. For girls, a straightforward trim to even out the ends or maintaining a simple bob are safe bets.

Use the Snip and Comb Technique

To achieve an even cut, use the comb to lift sections of hair to the desired length, then snip the ends with your scissors. This technique helps ensure that you’re cutting the hair evenly and allows for a cleaner line. 

Be Patient and Take Breaks

Patience is key when cutting children’s hair. If your child becomes restless or upset, it’s okay to take a break and come back to it later. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t be too hard on yourself if the first few haircuts aren’t perfect. Practice makes perfect, and you’ll get better with each haircut. Remember, hair grows back!