Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Family Life

Interest in sustainability and eco-friendly living is steadily increasing due to many people’s concerns about climate change and pollution. Any changes people can make are admirable and helpful. For families, trying to include this extra factor in daily life may feel much more challenging due to the nature of family life. Here are some simple ideas to be more eco-friendly within a family setting. 

Aim to Reduce Plastic Waste 

Being more conscious of this and making changes where possible makes a huge difference. For example, using Tupperware or beeswax wrap for packed lunch instead of plastic wrap.

Ditch the Car When Possible

There are of course times when it’s unavoidable to drive places, but if there are journeys that could be walked in 15 minutes, then try to make a habit of not using the car for these small trips.

Have Some Meat-Free Days

For meat-eating families, it can be so easy to get in the habit of meat-centred meals. If you’re able to swap these out a few times a week in favor of using beans and other pulses then this can make a big difference over time.

Plan Some Staycations

This isn’t to say never fly again, but if you can reduce your airport trips in favor of exploring your local area then it can save you lots of money and is the much greener choice.