TikToker Explains Why Millennial Grandmoms Will Be the Best

We all love our grandparents. However, growing up in different eras and having somewhat different views on life can cause us to feel like they don’t understand us in the way we would want them. But according to one TikToker, the next generations of grandparents could do a much better job at that.

In a viral video shared on social media, TikTok user Madison Barbosa explained why she thinks that Millennials will be the best grandparents.

According to her, the “best era of grandmas is yet to come.” She believes that Millennials will draw from their own experience in order to give their grandchildren the best treatment and know how to support their adult kids through parenthood. 

“We’re gonna anticipate what our kids need, we’re gonna be pushing them to get a break…pushing them to get out of the house, to go for a date night, say ‘We got the kids tonight, we got the kids,’” she explains.


Honestly so proud to be a millennial mom and I’m certain we are gonna be incredible grandparents one day 🙌🏻💯 #momminmads #millennialmom #momsoftiktok #relatablemom #momhumor

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Barbosa’s video got quite a lot of attention on social media and showed that a lot of other internet users feel the same.

“I truly think we are raising the generation that will change the world,” one TikToker wrote.

“I literally think about this all the time. I have two little girls, and I cannot wait to be the best grandparent and be there for them in that way,” another added.

What about you? Do you also think the best era of grandparents is yet to come?