Three Tips on Surviving a Shopping Trip With Your Kids

Shopping with kids can certainly be an experience. From needing regular toilet trips, to getting tired in the stores, not to mention the clamoring for new toys and clothing, many parents avoid it at all costs due to the stress involved. However, it is possible to not only survive a shopping trip with your kids but to have a nice time. Read on for three essential tips which will help you all enjoy the experience.

Make a List

Before you hit the shops, head out with a clear list of what it is you’re looking to buy. Just browsing with your kids is never a good idea, because you can’t give the clothes your full attention and your kids will start wanting things they see. Explain to your kids that you are looking for a few items, and ask them if they can help you find it. For example, in one clothing store, you might ask one child to help you locate some black pants in your size, and the other to track down a nice top. It helps if you have two adults, so the kids can be supervised in different areas of the store.

Agree on One Treat

Whether it’s food-based, a new toy, or some new clothes, before you head out agree that each child can have one small treat. This makes the shopping experience fun for them, and also helps them to develop an awareness of cost – if you explain the price of some of the treats, they will be shocked at the expense of clothes, toys, and sweets!


If you’re spending an hour in the shops, agree on a half-hour-long trip to the park afterward. Even the best-behaved kids can find stores boring, overwhelming, and tempting – the combination is not a good one! Heading to the park will make sure you all get some fresh air, and the kids have a chance to run off any lingering energy.