Three Sports to Try Before Your Child Turns 10

As a parent, it’s really important to encourage your child to be interested in sports and exercise, as childhood hobbies can turn into lifelong passions. Most children are excited to try something a bit different, especially if they get to do it alongside their family. So why not try out these three sports with your kids? They will develop different skills, and most importantly, they should be lots of fun!


Getting into serious skateboarding requires a lot of gear and practice, but why not start in the backyard? You can try skateboarding on any flat surface, and it’s really useful for strengthening balance and core skills. Children are often naturally better than adults at skateboarding, so it may also be a chance for your kids to teach you something. You will need helmets and may want to invest in shin and elbow pads if you’re thinking of doing it regularly.


Not a skill that most parents can teach, if you want your child to try gymnastics you will need to find classes. This presents an excellent opportunity for your child to develop social skills as well as sporting ability, and you can chat with the other parents whilst your child is in class. Most children have better flexibility than adults, and their upper body strength is generally pretty impressive, too. A lot of kids have less fear than adults when it comes to trying new physical challenges, so don’t be surprised if your little one is showing off their handstands and cartwheeling skills within no time.


Learning to swim in adulthood can present physical and mental challenges. Find a good swim instructor and make it a priority to take your child to lessons until they can confidently swim the length of the pool. Not only is swimming excellent for building cardio fitness and muscle strength, your kid will also have much more fun when opportunities present themselves to swim.