Three of the Best Albums to Listen to With Kids

Most kids love music – whether they’re singing, dancing, or simply waving their hands in the air, the joy children get from music can be infectious. Get the whole family dancing by putting on a (kid-friendly) album. If you need some musical inspiration, why not try one of these classics which work for all ages?

Jack Johnson’s In Between Dreams

Johnson’s smooth, melodic tones, his upbeat ukelele strumming, and his simple, yet poignant lyrics make for an excellent family-friendly listen. Many of the songs can be sung along with or danced to, or if you want some family chill time pop this album on and settle down on the sofa.

Taylor Swift 22

Everyone has an opinion on the best Swift album, but arguably the most fun-filled Swift release is 22. With plenty of dance-around-the-table tunes, some softer, sadder moments, and some sing-your-heart-out ballads, this is an album to put on in the car when the journey is starting to get dull.

Frank Sinatra Nothing But The Best

Sinatra is a classic for a reason – is it possible to listen to songs such as My Way or That’s Life without finding a huge smile spreading across your face? Kids are often fascinated to hear ‘olden days’ music, and there’s something about Sinatra’s sound that is both old and timeless. These songs are also great to dance to, so why not learn a few ballroom steps as you listen?