Three Movement Breaks That All Kids Will Enjoy

All kids (and adults!) can benefit from movement breaks. The idea is to break up periods of concentration with short physical activity, to keep the blood flowing and improve the overall learning experience. Schools are increasingly using them in lessons, especially with younger kids. If you’ve got children struggling with homework, studying for exams, or simply feeling a bit listless and bored at home, try one of these quick movement breaks which can act as a reset and help them focus.

The 3×10 Challenge

This challenge involves repeating three different movements ten times, and it will really get your heart pumping! Start with 10 jumping jacks (always fun), then 10 squat jumps, and finish with 10 burpees. You can moderate these activities if they’re too challenging for your kids, or make them work harder by calling it the 3×15 challenge!

Stand Up Sit Down

If you’re working at a table, set a timer for one minute and see how many times you can stand up and sit down (without wobbling too much or falling over). This quick, simple movement break is great for developing balance, core strength, and agility.

Search the Room

Keep your kids active and engaged by asking them to do a little searching around the house (or room). Ask them to find, for example, one red object, an object that was gifted to you, an object that was lost but then got found, and an object that represents a memory. Do put down some ground rules, such as taking care of fragile objects. Not only will this feel like a fun game, but you’re encouraging gentle movement without framing it as exercise, which kids can sometimes resist.