Three Jobs Your Kids Can Help Out With At Home

For some parents, a source of frustration is the sense that they are doing everything in terms of cooking, cleaning, and caring for the home, with very little input from their kids. Whilst this is understandable when your kids are very young, there are some jobs that kids can help out with. It will take some of the load off you, and children often find that they enjoy the sense of responsibility that taking care of the home brings.

Sweeping Up

You may not trust your kid with the vacuum cleaner yet, but if they’ve been doing a craft or eating a snack, quickly the floor a quick sweep can be a big help to you. If they use a dust pan and brush to put any dirt in the bin, you don’t have to worry about crumbs getting trodden all over the house. Teach them how to sweep sensibly, and remember to stress how much they’re helping you by sweeping up.

Laying The Table

Many kids absolutely love laying the table, as it makes them feel like they’ve had a part in preparing the meal that you’re about to share. Teach them which cutlery needs to go where, and get in the habit of asking them to fill a water jug so that everyone has access to water. Once they know how to lay the table, they also know how to remove used cutlery and put it in the sink or dishwasher. You can make the call as to whether you trust them with the crockery, too.


Without adult guidance, many children remove dirty clothing and fling it into a pile in the middle of the room. Get them a laundry basket, so they know where worn clothes go, and encourage them to help you collect up everyone’s laundry when it’s time to do a wash. This way, they will get a sense of what a big job doing the household’s laundry can be, which should enourage them to take more responsibility over their own laundry.

Nobody wants their kid to be stuck inside, doing chores all day. By showing them how to help out with a few jobs around the house, you will feel more relaxed and they will feel satisfied, knowing they’re helping out the family.