Three Herbs To Add To Your Cooking

Do your kids refuse to eat nything green? Although it may be tempting to try them with blandest green veg available, you may find that getting them exicted about herbs (and all the flavor possibilities they represent) can be the first stepping stone into trying a wider range of vegetables. If you’re keen to provide your family with more variety and flavor, read on for three herbs to get into your cooking this week.


Whip it up into a homemade pesto, chop and sprinkle over tomatoes and mozzarella, or whizz up into a vegetable soup. Basil is the first herb that many kids will tolerate in their food, perhaps because it is often paired with other kid-friendly dishes such as pasta and pizza. Try chopping up some basil and placing it in a bowl in the center of the table, this way everyone can help themselves to the amount of basil they want.


Try snipping up some parsley and stirring it through scrambled eggs. ‘Hiding’ the herb in this way can make it easier for some children to eat, and it lends such a delicious, savory flavor to the eggs, it’s unlikely that anyone will be complaining!


Rosemary has quite a strong flavour, but you can use it to teach kids about the difference certain herbs can make to a dish. Try sprinkling it over roasting potatoes mid-way through the cooking time. Even if your kids pick off the rosemary stems, it will have imparted a subtle flavour to the potatoes. Equally, try roasting lamb or chicken in a little butter infused with rosemary, for a delicious, subtle herby note.

Herbs can make cooking and eating more exciting, as they lend textures, colors and flavors to food that otherwise wouldn’t be there. Start introducing them slowly, to build tolerance to them, but soon you will discover that your kids are asking for herbs to be included in your cooking!