Three Games To Play With The Whole Family

Some of the best ways to bond as a family involve playing games together. You may have a go-to board game, or a card game you always play, but if you’re seeking fun and inspiration, check out these three family games.


You can play a traditional numbers-based bingo (there are many templates available online), or you can create a personalized bingo by using your family members’ favorite foods, places, films, or songs. Bingo is a relatively fast-paced game, meaning you can play a few rounds, and because it’s largely down to luck rather than skill, all members of the family can play.


Who doesn’t love acting out a famous film book, or song, while their family members desperately try to guess the title? Charades always guarantees laughs and hilarity. Why not pair up younger children with older members, so that everyone has a chance to join in?


One of the most famous, and the best, board games out there, monopoly is best played with a larger group of people. Again, it can be fun to team up so that everyone is playing in pairs – this also builds communication and strategic skills, as players must work together to acquire the most properties. Different families play by sightly different rules, so make sure you’ve established yours before you begin play.