Three Exciting Family Activities For Any Age

In a world filled with technology and television, it is often hard to find a family activity that is stimulating enough for your children to enjoy. With young kids, it can be hard to top Netflix’s newest show or the latest iPhone app with quality family bonding time.

Here are some cheap, exciting, and easy to do family activities that your children are sure to love.

1. Making Homemade Ice Cream

What can be better than eating ice cream with your family on a warm, summer’s day? Making the ice cream yourselves! The first step to making your own ice cream is taking a family trip to the supermarket. When you are there you should purchase sugar, milk, flavoring, ice, salt, a quart size storage bag, and a gallon size plastic bag.

First, you will mix all of these ingredients together in a bowl and then put them in the quart size bag. After you have done that, you will put crushed ice and rock salt into the gallon sized bag. You then put the quart sized bag inside the gallon sized bag, shake for 10-15 minutes, and you are guaranteed delicious home-made ice cream that you and your family can enjoy.

2. Be a Tourist in Your Hometown

Your family may have toured foreign cities on vacation, but when you are home you probably choose to have lazy days that consist of watching a movie and ordering in pizza. It is easy to forget about the amazing opportunities that you have in your very own hometown.

One fun thing to do with your family is to pretend that you are tourists and go to different attractions around your hometown. This will teach your children a lot about where your family lives, and you may even learn a thing or two as well.

3. Start a Yard Sale Hop Game

Although your children are probably familiar with the stores and shops in your area, a fun way to spend the day is by going to various yard sales that they have never been to before. You can spend your time exploring different sales or even make a game out of it.

One fun game idea is to see who can purchase the most items for the least amount of money. You can make this into a scavenger hunt and reward a prize for the winner at the end.