This Year, Why Not Make Your Own Christmas Cards?

It may feel like Christmas is months away, but the festive season has a habit of rushing up and surprising us. Before we know it, Christmas carols will be blaring in the shops and it will be time to start planning a Christmas dinner. Why not get a head start on preparations, and provide a fun rainy-day activity for your kids at the same time? Making your own Christmas cards is cost-effective and provides a nice personal touch, check out these three easy designs to have a go at home.

Star Stamp

Cut out a star from a piece of fairly thick cardboard. Provide paint or ink trays (festive shades such as red and green or silver and gold work well), press the star into the color, and then stamp it down on the card. Providing stars of different sizes means you can make the design more complex, but for younger children, you may want to keep it simple and stick to one.

Tree Cut Out

A trickier design suitable for older children, draw a Christmas tree outline on the front of the card and then carefully cut it out with scissors or a craft knife. Layer tissue paper in the cut out, or gold-colored card, so that the space is eye-catching and bright.

Glitter Heaven

One easy way to get kids interested in card making is to promise open access to the glitter. PVA glue will hold loose glitter (give the card a good shake over a bin before you put it in an envelope), or you could use glittery washi tape or a similar product to create bright effects.