Things to Remember if Your Child Gets Carsick

Car sickness is a huge issue for so many people. As adults, we usually know what helps and what doesn’t. But for kids, this isn’t so simple, so here are some ideas to help them out. 

They Shouldn’t Read or Look at Screens

It may seem like a good idea to give kids a book or game for long journeys, but this will likely lead to some serious car sickness. Instead, think of a game that involves looking outside the car—”I Spy” is a classic. 

They Should Look Out the Window

Looking out the window really helps, as seeing the curves of the road and the changing landscape helps the brain register the twists and turns the body is experiencing. If there’s one person in particular who struggles, make sure they have a good window view from their seat. 

They Should Suck on a Mint

Mint as a flavor is usually very helpful with queasiness, and having this pleasant taste will also help distract them from the sickness. It’s a good idea to always keep a pack in your car for when they start to feel unwell.