Things to Discuss With Your Kid if They Want a Pet Snake

A lot of kids are terrified of snakes, but there are plenty of others who are fascinated by them and would love one as a pet. For monetary or fear reasons, many parents won’t even consider this. However, if you think it’s something you could manage, make sure both you and your child have fully considered what this would involve.

Snakes Aren’t Super Cuddly

While some snakes don’t mind and may even enjoy being handled, many of them aren’t so keen. Even if they don’t mind, it’s unlikely you’ll receive much affection from these reptiles. Many kids will understand this and not mind at all, but it’s good to be clear on this from the start.

The Realities of Feeding Them

A lot of children (and adults!) may not realize what feeding a pet snake involves. Depending on the kind of snake and how large it is, this will vary. But it will involve some kind of preserved dead animal. A common diet for pet snakes is frozen mice, so make sure you and your child are prepared for this.

Their Life Expectancy

Again, this depends on the kind of snake. A common choice is corn snakes, which are expected to live between 10 and 15 years. However, larger snakes can live up to 25 years. Either way, it’s quite a commitment that needs to be carefully considered.