Things to Consider Before Your Kids Start Playing Competitive Sports

Competitive sports are great ways for kids to be active, socialize, and develop communication skills, among other things. However, before your kids start playing them, there are some things you need to consider.


The most appropriate age for kids to get involved in competitive sports is age eight and older. At this point, they can understand the rules and competitive nature of a particular sport. They can also handle the physical challenges that come with it.


Not all sports are made the same. You need to figure out the sport that is best suited for your kid and whether your kid wants to play it. Avoid pushing your kid towards a particular sport just because you like it.

Skill Level

Another important thing is the skill level that the kid possesses. As a parent, you should know which types of skills your kid has and what level they might reach. Make your choice based on that.

Kid’s Wishes

With all of this being said, your kid’s wishes are the most important. If they want to play a particular sport, you should let them and see how it goes. Also, if they are not interested in sports, you should allow them to pursue other interests and figure out a different way they can remain active.