These VR Headsets Will Transport Your Kids to New Worlds

If your kids are bored and looking for something new to do, then virtual reality could prove to be the optimal solution. Using a VR headset, your kids can play a variety of games and challenges, unleashing their imagination and keeping them entertained for hours. Here are some VR headsets that will be sure to transport your kids to new worlds.

Meta Quest 2

What’s great about this VR headset is that it doesn’t require any separate computer or gaming console in order to operate. Still, this won’t limit your kids’ enjoyment, with over 350 gaming titles and VR experiences available on the Meta Quest 2. What’s more, this all-in-one headset is wireless, meaning your kids won’t be tripping over wires while playing.

Bill Nye VR Science Kit

If you’d like to boost your kids’ science and chemistry knowledge, then this Bill Nye VR Science Kit is perfect for them. With over 30 different projects and experiments available on this headset, your kids will be able to explore a variety of locations, including volcanoes and Bill Nye’s own laboratory.

HTC Vive Pro 2 Virtual Reality Headset

With its adjustable headset, eye distance, and glasses, this headset is ideal for the whole family, no matter how small or tall. With 5k video and 3D spatial audio, the HTC Vive Pro 2 is ideal if you’re looking for a highly realistic VR experience for your kids.