These Gadgets Make Bath Time Fun for Children

Bath time can be a battleground for some parents. But with a little creativity and the right bathtime gadgets, it can be a splash-tastic time for both you and your little ones! Here are a few fun gadgets to transform bath time into a bubbly adventure.

Bubble Makers

Turn bath time into a magical bubble wonderland with a fun bubble maker.  These come in all sorts of shapes and characters, some even playing melodies while they create mountains of soft bubbles.

Bath Toys With a Twist

Ditch the standard rubber ducky and opt for bath toys that encourage imaginative play.  Think stacking cups that pour water, squirting bath animals, or wind-up bath toys that zip around the tub.

Bath Paints

Let your child unleash their inner artist with bath paints that transform bath time into a canvas.  These paints are specially formulated to wash away easily, leaving no mess behind.

Bath Books

Storytime doesn’t have to end before the bath! Waterproof bath books allow you to continue the bedtime routine while your child splashes around.

Bath Mats With Suction Cups

Transform a slippery tub into a safe haven with a brightly colored bath mat that uses suction cups to keep it securely in place.