These 4 Signs Will Tell You That Your Kid Wants to Quit Playing Sports

Parents should always encourage their kids to take part in sports. The activity helps their physical and mental development while creating a habit to be active, which will benefit them later in life. With that being said, you should force your kid to play sports, either team or individual, if they are not enjoying it. Here are some signs that will help you recognize that.

They Come up With Excuses

Your kid coming up with obvious excuses to avoid practices, games, and other types of sport-related activities is a clear sign they don’t want to do it. If this happens often, then you might want to consider allowing them to do something else instead.

They Don’t Look Engaged During Games and Practices 

If your kid doesn’t look engaged during games and practices, that means they probably want to be somewhere else. 

They Are Not Improving

Regardless of the talent your kid has, you should see small improvements over time. If that isn’t happening, then they probably stopped trying because they don’t enjoy it anymore.

They Don’t Look Happy After Wins or Good Performances

Kids might be tired after games and practices, but they usually have some positive emotions if they have done well. In case they are not happy or excited even after their team got a win or they had a good performance, it is a classic sign that they don’t care about it as much.