The Rule of Thumb When it Comes to Bundling Up Babies

There are so many things to learn when you become a parent. This is especially true because babies have their own universe of rules and regulations. They experience the world in a wholly different manner, and it’s important as parents to be mindful of how to support and protect them. Clothing them, for instance, is a very important topic because they don’t experience temperatures like adults do. In fact, here’s one rule of thumb that you need to remember when bundling up your child.

The Extra Layer Rule

Babies, and especially newborns for that matter, experience the world as much colder than we do. They’re used to a warm womb that they’ve been living in for the last nine months, and now they’re all of the sudden exposed to the wild west (AKA, the real world). For this reason, professionals have dictated that you should always give your baby an extra layer than you do.

Don’t Be Foolish

You may think to yourself, “Well, I’m feeling pretty warm in this room and don’t need a sweatshirt. Why should I overheat my baby by giving him that extra layer?” You need to realize that your body is already acclimatized to the environment around you, and your baby’s isn’t. So make sure he or she has an extra layer, and don’t allow your own foolish thoughts to get in the way.