The Recipe Rebel is Taking Instagram by Storm With Her Easy Family Recipes

Making elaborate dishes is no longer an option when you have a whole family to feed, and no one knows this better than Ashley Fehr. The mastermind behind the food blog The Recipe Rebel became a true Instagram sensation when she started sharing her quick and easy family recipes with the world.

Fehr lives in Manitoba, Canada with her husband and three children, and her Instagram page attracted over 300,000 followers after she decided to give food blogging a shot. She worked as a high school English teacher before embarking on this journey in 2014, but food blogging eventually became her full-time job.

Fehr couldn’t do this without her three daughters, who are her chief taste testers and critics. Since she’s busy raising three young children, she tends to focus on no fuss and minimal dishes, and her main priority is to share the food she makes with the people she loves.

“Most days, you’ll find me in the kitchen with a child hugging my legs and a preschooler running circles around me while I line every baking dish I own in tin foil in an attempt to cut down on dishes, sipping a cold cup of coffee, and loving every minute,” she writes on her food blog.