The Positive Side of the Terrible Twos

Most parents have heard of a little something called the “Terrible Twos”. This phrase was coined to describe the unique hardships of raising a child who’s two years old, and there’s definitely a lot of weight to support this argument. Children are indeed very difficult around the age of two—but this doesn’t tell the whole story. Parents who have a child nearing that age shouldn’t dread this time, because while it can certainly be challenging, it’s also one of the most amazing times to be a parent.

Full of Energy and Growth

The reason a toddler is so hard to watch at the age of two is that they’re simply impossible to keep track of. They’re explorers, adventurers, travelers, mischief-makers, and let’s be real—major mess-makers too. However, this doesn’t have to be seen as a bad thing. Sure, it can be a hard thing to keep track of, but there’s so much to appreciate in this as well.

Learning All the Time

This is the time in your baby’s life when they’re essentially learning who they want to be. This is their time to experiment, have fun, try things out, and learn what it means to be a walking, talking human in the real world. The age of two is crucial in their development because they’re finally getting the hang of communicating what they want to say, getting where they want to go, and doing what they want to do.


This newfound independence can foster a little bit of a power struggle between you and them, hence the hardships. But if you’re able to take an occasional step back amidst the craziness, take a moment to appreciate just how amazing it is that they’re growing up so quickly and learning so much about themselves.