The Latest Trend is Wearing Your Mom’s Prom Dress

The whole trend started with a teen named Ally Johnson who decided to wear her mom’s dress at her prom. She looked fabulous just like her mom at the time of the prom. 

When she shared her picture, it turned out this is actually something common that mom and daughters are doing.

It might be that their style came back or that social media makes posting a throwback pic completely irresistible. Whatever is the reason, we are loving these pictures of mom and daughter one next to the other, on their prom days.

Someone tweeted: “My little sister decided to wear my mom’s prom dress for her prom this year and it’s making me so emotional.”

The winner is Bev Tippet, who proved that her prom dress was a family tradition.

Her grandmother, her mother, and her mother’s sister all wore the same dress. How sweet is that?