The Importance of Living Near Extended Family

When you start to have children, you start to develop preferences for how you want to raise them. For instance, some people believe in the importance of having their kids live close to their cousins—while others prioritize other things. However, although not everyone feels compelled to live near extended family, it’s quite a common desire for parents. Here’s why we believe living near extended family is an important facet for raising children.

The Family-Friends Combo

It’s important for kids to learn to socialize with their peers, and cousins are the perfect balance between family and friends in that regard. Siblings can provide great friendship, but they still exist within your family bubble. Friends, on the other hand, aren’t always so easy to make for some kids. Thus, cousins are the perfect bridge between family and cousins for young kids who are learning to socialize outside of their family bubble.

A Tight Tribe

To hammer home this point, there’s nothing better than having a strong support system, and cousins are basically a powerful support extension of your family. When your children are able to consistently hang out with their cousins, it can provide the foundation for a meaningful support setup for years to come.