The Importance of Having Fun With Your Kids

One of the hardest things about being a parent is that you rarely have that much time to yourself. You’re constantly responsible for watching them, guiding them, supporting them, and making sure they don’t get into trouble. However, there are times where you may feel you’ve earned a little respite, such as when they’re playing in their playpen. Might as well relax while you can, right? Well… wrong, actually.

Have Fun With Your Kids

You might think that allowing your child to play around on their own is the right thing to do, and sometimes it certainly is. But if this happens every time and you rarely engage them and play with them, they’re going to think you have no interest in spending time with them. This is true when they get older and want to have a catch with you as well.

Too many parents make justifications for not playing games with their children, and ultimately they’re just excuses that translate into a child playing on their own. When you care about something enough, you make time for it. Being a parent is about being selfless, so put yourself aside and show your child that you would love nothing more than to have fun playing games with them.