The Importance of Babies Learning How to Get ‘Transferred’

When you have a baby, you find yourself in situations where it’s not always easy to keep them on their normal sleeping schedule. Normally, they have a bedtime and you put them to sleep in their standard crib when that bedtime comes. However, sometimes that schedule is shaken due to external circumstances such as family events, late flights, and many others. Sometimes, you may need to transfer the baby from one sleeping position to another, and here’s why it’s so important.

Getting Them Used To It

When you’re driving your kids home and they’ve all fallen asleep, it’s crucial that they’re able to get transferred from the car to their beds once you get home. If you don’t lay down the proper foundation for that when they’re babies, it’ll be a lot harder to do it when they get older. So don’t shy away from transferring your baby into their crib when they’re younger.

Learning to Adapt

This type of unique skill—the ability to sleep through change—is something that runs even deeper. As babies grow up, it’s crucial to give them the proper foundation to thrive in the world. Part of this foundation is the ability to handle unexpected changes as they come, and that’s exactly what’s happening when you’re transferring them from one sleep station to another.