The Gender Reveal Parties That are Sweeping the Nation

If you own a Facebook profile, odds are that you have seen at least a couple of sweet, gender reveal videos floating around your news feed. It seems as if every week, there is a new trend that emerges, whether it is related to parenting or not.

Gender reveal parties are events put together by couples who are expecting a baby. The couples usually invite their closest family members and friends to come to share in their joy as they reveal the gender of their baby.

At these reveal parties, they use various tactics in order to dramatically find out and share the gender of their future child. Some parents know what the reveal will entail, and use this as an opportunity to share if they are expecting a boy or a girl to their close friends and family. Other times, these reveals are just as surprising to the expecting parents, who have an outsider set up the reveal so that they will be surprised too.

The Gender Reveal Parties That are Sweeping the Nation

There are a ton of creative ways in which expecting parents have used this trend of gender reveals. Some parents fill a pinata with either blue or pink sand, only to discover which gender the child will be once they break open the pinata. Other parents order a cake filled with either blue or pink sprinkles.

Some parents even turn the reveal party into a game and fill a baseball or other type of the ball of some sort of blue or pink powder in order to indicate the gender. Regardless of the tactic used, gender reveals parties are becoming more and more popular and parents are getting excited to share these reveals all over social media.