The Best Playgrounds in New York City, USA

Heading out for the day with kids is a leap into the unknown. You may well find you have a wonderful day and share in some fun adventures. However, you may also find it hard to keep them entertained, leading to feelings of frustration for all involved. A great choice for something that’s fun for kids and also free is to head to a park with a playground. You can sit and enjoy the greenery around you while they burn all their energy up running around the play area. If you’re in New York City then there are plenty to choose from, and here are a few of the best. 

Heckscher Playground, Central Park

This playground is a great choice for keeping kids entertained for hours. As well as some great apparatus for them to explore, there is an interactive water feature with sprinklers, ladders, and slides. While the kids play you can enjoy the views of the surrounding trees and the impressive Umpire Rock. 

Sweetwater Playground, Domino Park

Right beside the waterfront in Brooklyn, this park and playground offer an exciting atmosphere for kids to have fun and for you to soak in the ambiance. The industrial-themed play area is an excellent challenge for kids. 

Slide Hill, Governor’s Island 

This play area is perfect for adventurous, thrill-seeking kids. As the name suggests, this is a hill covered in different slides. This park contains the biggest slide in New York City, but there are smaller ones for younger kids too.