The Best European Cities to Visit With Kids

Europe boasts some of the best cities in the world, packed full of art, culture, and fine dining. However, younger children generally find these things boring or disgusting. If you’re looking to take a city break with your little ones, read on for three suggestions.

Munich, Germany

This German city boasts some of the best parkland in Europe. It is even possible to swim in the river in the Englischer Garten (English Garden) if you’re visiting Munich in summer weather. Munich is a safe and easy city to walk around and offers many delicious pastry shops to fuel young legs. There are art galleries to visit, and if you fancy a day trip out of the city the German Alps are just a train ride away.

Amiens, France

In Northern France, situated between Paris and Lille, lies the small city of Amiens. A fantastic starter city with kids, there is plenty to do here with little ones. Start with a boat trip around the canals, the banks of which are stuffed full of stunning flowers, aromatic herbs, and gorgeous vegetables. Then head to the zoo, which has a wide range of amazing animals from around the world. For older children, a visit to the Notre Dame Cathedral is worthwhile, as it is a peaceful place with lots of art and sculpture. There are lots of great parks in Amiens and, this being France, plenty of delicious cafes and restaurants to eat in.

Valencia, Spain

This southern Spanish city offers gorgeous streets (with plenty of shade) that children will love to explore. Valencia is also home to one of the best Science Museums in Europe, with plenty of interactive exhibits for kids to get involved in. Perhaps the greatest selling point of this Spanish city is its proximity to the sea, if you’re staying in Valencia you can be on the beach in less than half an hour.