The Benefits of Reading to Your Children

In this day and age, it’s a lot more common for young kids to be well-versed in TikTok than reading chapter books. Without getting too melodramatic, this illustrates a very sad state of affairs in regard to where we’ve come as a society. However, if you’re a budding parent, there is good news, which is that you can combat this social media boom with your own ammo at home: reading books to your children. Here’s why it’s so beneficial to do so.

They’ll Have a Better Attention Span

In addition to the fact that reading improves your intelligence in a multitude of ways, it also teaches you how to focus. Kids these days (and let’s be real, many adults too) have such low attention spans, and it seems as though any type of content longer than 30 seconds is too long for them to consume. Books are the antidote to that. Sitting down with a good book can take hours on end, but it’s incredibly enriching—and your child deserves that.

You’ll Bond With Them

In addition to how much intellectual good you’ll be doing for your kids, you’ll also bond with them. By reading books to your children, you’ll become the very person who’s introducing to them the amazing world of literature. Considering the fact that being exposed to that is so rare in our modern society, this can be the special thing that you connect over.