The Amazing Benefits of Mindful Coloring

When school and home life are busy, it’s really important to take a breather every now and then and pause. Not only will this give you some space and time, having some quiet time every day is also really important for your kids. If they struggle to sit still (and if you’re reluctant to give them constant access to a screen), try some mindful coloring, an activity which has some serious benefits as mentioned here.

It Will Help Them Relax

Even the most active kid can quickly become absorbed in some mindful coloring. Make sure the pencils they are using are of decent quality an sharp enough. You can buy coloring sheets or books from many bookshops and kid’s toy stores, or have a look online.

It Will Boost Creativity

Mindful coloring is a ‘low-risk’ creative activity, because the drawing element has already been done. Many children feel stuck when they start a piece of art, and overwhelmed by their own expectations. By providing a template that they need to color in, they will discover how enjoyable art can be, and will also develop an understanding of line, shape, and mixing colors.

It Can Help Them Discover A Passion

Many mindful coloring books focus on one subject, such as dinosaurs, trains, or flowers. If your child chooses such as book, or is gifted one because they have talked about their interest in a topic, it can help consolidate their interest and help them to develop their personality and sense of self. This is important in developing confidence and fufillment later in life.

Mindful coloring is a simple activity to demonstrate and set up, but it can have some long lasting benefits. You can let your kids get on with it, or join them and discover some of the benefits for yourself!