The 4 Moms You Meet At School Meetings

When it comes to the first day of school, regardless of the year, there is always a vast array of mothers displaying these easily recognizable traits. So just in case you are a little out of the loop and missed the opportunity to see them in action in the school parking lot this year – we’ve compiled a little list.

The Crier

This mom is easily recognizable by her smudged mascara and crumpled up Kleenex. It doesn’t matter whether she’s dropped her kids off for the first day of school a million times before – her emotions always get the better of her.

Head of the PTA

With her two pieces neatly pressed and hair perfectly blows dried – this mom always looks like a presidential candidate. She is, in fact, canvassing for a far more important cause – The school’s PTA. By the looks of the clipboard in her hand and all round go-getter-attitude, she sure looks like she knows how to get things done.

The Clique

High school doesn’t always end with graduation, and in every town, there is a group of girls who end up a group of moms who have been through it all together. They are besties, and probably do book club and wine nights together every week. The fact is -they aren’t looking to make friends so best to just leave them be.

Taxi Driver

All moms fulfill a million roles – but this mom prefers to keep her distance. While she happily drives her kids to and from school she prefers to do her goodbyes from the car’s interior – waving her offspring off as they walk up the stairs towards the greater institute of learning.

The list could go on forever, The camera mom snapping pics of day 1, The braggy mom and the downright exhausted mom who cannot wait to see her herd of delinquents walk through the door. Either way moms on the first day of school are often the highlight of the year.