Take a Parenting Pause

Parenting has more quick turns than any other relation. You have the happy moments, the anxious moments, the memorable times and the times you just want to forget. Whatever might be the experience, our responsibilities as a good parent do not change. No parent is perfect in carrying out the responsibilities, but all of us strive to be good.

Besides being loving, caring, and patient, a parent has to be sensitive, empathetic, and vigilant. Here are the qualities of a good parent:

Active listening

Good parents actively listen to what their child has to say. They pay attention, acknowledge their ideas, and help them share their experiences.


 When the parents listen to what the child is saying, they understand their worries, fears, and thoughts. And because the parents understand them, the child begins to trust and rely on their parent.

Take a Parenting Pause


The parents are sensitive and responsive to their child’s needs and requirements.


It’s tough to have this virtue when the children test it every day. But good parents have the patience to think and understand the reason behind the child’s behavior. They take steps to address the problem.

Appreciate generously

When you appreciate your kids for their accomplishments, they are motivated to do it better. It also tells them that you are proud of their achievements. And at the end of the day, love and empathy are the most important.


No matter what our children do, we still love them. But a good parent loves them responsibly, correcting when they are wrong and helping them realize their mistake. They do not pamper them with blind love. Empathy: Good parents think from their child’s perspective. They place themselves in their child’s shoes and then respond. It means that they do not put undue pressure on the children to perform or make fun of them when they fail.