Sweet Dreams: Tips for Consecutive Baby Sleep

Getting your baby to sleep through the night can feel like an impossible mission, but with a few useful strategies, you can help them catch that precious REM for longer periods of time. Here are some tried-and-true tips to help your baby sleep more consecutive hours per night.

Bedtime Routine

Babies thrive on routine. A calming bedtime routine like a warm bath, gentle massage, and a lullaby, conveys a message to your baby letting them know that it’s bedtime.

Sleep-Friendly Environment

Make the nursery conducive to sleep by keeping it dark, cool, and quiet. You might also want to try using a white noise machine to cover up any disruptive sounds.

More Daytime Feedings

Ensure your baby gets enough to eat throughout the day. Keeping their tiny tummy is full can really help reduce night waking for feedings.

Safe Sleep Habits

When it’s time to sleep, make sure to put your baby on their back and keep the crib free of toys, blankets, or pillows. A safe sleep environment promotes better sleep.

Gradual Sleep Training

If your baby is older than six months, consider gentle sleep training methods. Gradual techniques like the Ferber method (Google it) can help babies learn to self-soothe and sleep longer.