Surprising Easter Gifts That Your Kids Will Love

As an important religious holiday, Easter is a time for reflection and renewal of faith. Among the many aspects of life that you’ll no doubt consider are your children and the bond you share. Here are some Easter gifts that your kids are sure to love as you look to get closer on this spiritual day.

Lite-Brite Mini Spring Edition

If your kids love getting arty and creative, then this toy is certainly for them. The Lite-Brite Mini Spring Edition enables your kids to create vivid images of spring and even go beyond that once all of the puzzles are complete.

Easter Bubble Bath Bomb

Sometimes, bathtime can be a drag when your kids aren’t in the mood for getting squeaky clean. Fortunately, there’s a gift that will make bathtime for your kids more exciting and, as a result, your job as a parent easier. In addition to filling the bath with bubbles, these Easter bubble bath bombs also come with Easter-themed squishy toys inside for an added treat.

The River That Flows Beside Me

This calming book will take your children on a tranquil journey through nature, helping them to slowly drift off to sleep while learning about plant life and ecosystems near the river at the same time.