Sun Safety Myths Your Teens Need to be Aware of

While basking in the warm summer sun and developing a tan may seem enjoyable on paper, it’s important to note that tanning does come with certain serious risks. Unfortunately, many teens are unaware that many sun safety notions that they take on as facts are actually myths. Here are some of the main sun safety myths your teens need to be aware of in order to remain safe.

Obtaining a Base Tan Can Protect You

Many teens appear to be of the opinion that obtaining a base tan can protect you from getting sunburned. This is not the case, however, with tanning actually being the result of UV rays penetrating your skin. Ultimately, it’s skin damage that causes our bodies to produce more melanin. If you enjoy spending time in the sun, make sure to apply sunscreen regularly as protection is still necessary.

No Need to Reapply High SPF Lotions

Just because your sunscreen is higher in SPF does not mean that you don’t need to apply it as often. While it does indeed protect your skin for longer, it’s important to reapply sunscreen the moment that your skin starts turning red or perhaps feels a bit tender. It might be better to actually get back in the shade at that point.

Sunburns Fade Into Tans

This is a dangerous assumption that is entirely false. In fact, sunburn is a form of skin damage. In addition to being your body’s negative response to UV radiation injury, it also increases the likelihood that you could contract skin cancer. Ultimately, your teen needs to make sure that they avoid sunburns at all costs.