Stop Worrying About Who Your Child Resembles

It’s pretty common when having a child to assess who the child looks like. Do they look more like you or your spouse? Do they have your eyes? While this type of talk is pretty harmless and ultimately casual, sometimes it can enter a place that’s not necessary. Sometimes it can evolve so much that you may actually start to worry about it, and that’s not what you want. If that’s the case, here’s why you need to stop worrying about who your child looks like.

You’ll Never Understand it Completely

One of the reasons that people talk endlessly about who the child resembles is because it’s not always so clear. The truth is that while certain features might be obvious, there’s so much that we as mere humans don’t understand about the art of actual human creation. Stop trying to figure it out, and just enjoy the ride of being a parent.

It’s a Distraction From What’s Important

This leads us to our next, and most important, point. Talking and worrying too much about who your child looks like is a distraction from what actually matters. Occasionally it’s all good, but the more you talk about it the more you focus on surface-level matters, and your kid might pick up on that. They may start to feel differently if you’re upset that they look a certain way. You need to take the attention away from their looks, and more about who they are on the inside.