Stop Giving Your Kid a Timeout, Use These Alternatives Instead

Many parents still respond to their kid’s misbehavior by giving them a “timeout.” This includes isolating the kid from the rest of the family and letting them calm down and think about their mistake. But while somewhat efficient, this parenting strategy often comes with a number of negative consequences on the kid’s well-being. Luckily, there are various alternatives you can use that give the same results but without the drawbacks.

Use Time-In

Time-in is considered the opposite approach to timeout. Instead of letting your kid sit alone when they misbehave, you make an effort to spend time with them. Explain why their actions were not appropriate and try to find out the reasons behind their misbehavior.

Think of Different Consequences for Their Misbehavior

If the time-in strategy doesn’t work, think of some different consequences for their misbehavior. This can be anything from having to do some chores around the house to getting less screen time.

Give Them an Opportunity for a “Do-Over”

Sometimes your kid’s misbehavior stems from impulsive decisions that were made without thinking too much. Point out the thing that they did wrong and give them an opportunity for a “do-over.”

Change the Activity

A thing that is also helpful is to simply change the activity to distract your kid. If they misbehave inside the house, take them outdoors and play with them for a bit. This will help them calm down, and you can then talk to them about their actions.