How to Raise Stable Teens

Teenage is usually the stage in life that people start to form their self-image. For the first time in their young lives, they’re free to be stimulated by things of their own choosing. It is when they’re given the freedom to spend time with their own friends, wear the clothes that they wish, and consumer culture that they’re interested in.

It’s probably because it’s so easy to be exposed to a countless number of things through the internet that a lot of negative content reaches them as well. Almost 20% of adolescents today suffered from depression at some point in their young lives. But, there are ways to help them cope with the struggles of their teens.

How to Raise Stable Teens

Being aware of the risks such as red flags when it comes to the people that they look up to is a huge part of this. Half the battle is knowing if kids are at risk for depression and this is a good lead to follow if you want to know if your child is at risk.

Communicate and lead by example. Teens might feel freer to share their thoughts and feelings if you, as parents, also share your thoughts and feelings as well. Sometimes a short conversation with you might be all they need to feel better about themselves.

Depression is often brought about by teens feeling small. Remember to prop up their virtues when they display it and it might serve as the little nudge that sets them on the right path.