Son Cosplays as His Mom, and the Resemblance is Astonishing

We all know that kids love to imitate their parents in more ways than one. But the way one 21-year-old did it is really something else.

TikTok user Monique Meza recently posted a video that shows her 21-year-old son Jiovanni Herrera cosplaying as her. The clip shows Jiovanni wearing his mom’s clothes and purse while having full make-up and a stylish hairdo.

“My son wanted to know if he could pass as me and use my ID …” Meza wrote in the text over the video that got more than 28 million views in less than a week.

Many TikTok users who watched the video wanted to see a side-by-side comparison to see if Jiovanni’s cosplay was any good. Meza obliged in a follow-up video and left everyone who watched it amazed.

As it turned out Jiovanni could easily pass off as his mom because the resemblance between the two is astonishing.


Replying to @pine_lake_chronicles a lot of yall have asked for a side by side so here it is #mytwin #boymom

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Responding to one of the comments posted on the video, Meza revealed that she and her son have more similarities than just their physical appearance.

“Out of my 4 sons he’s the only one that looks like me… even worse he acts just like me,” Meza shared.