Should You Learn A Language Alongside Your Kid?

Increasingly, schools offer even quite young children the chance to learn another language. Children often find learning another language exciting but tricky – here are three reasons why you should consider helping them out, by learning the language alongside them.

You Can Practice Together

Whether they’re leaning Spanish, French, German, or something else entirely, download a language learning app and spend time practicing together. This will develop pronunciation, confidence and understanding. It will also mean that the total time your child spends learning the language per week will be quite considerable, so they will make progress much faster than if they were just learning in school.

Set A Goal

If it’s within your means, you could consider a visit to the country that you’re learning the language of, as the ultimate goal to aim for. Whether your child needs to practice for a certain amount of time a day or be able to hold a fluent conversation in the language, keep working with them until they reach that goal.

Boost Their Confidence

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that the younger you are when you start learning a language, the better your chances of success. As you learn together, you may realize that your kid remembers certain words or phrases better than you, or that they’ve got a better grasp of the grammar. Use these opportunities to remind them how well they’re doing, they will probably feel super proud and pleased that they’re doing better than you!