Should You Help Your Teen Get a Summer Job?

As summer vacation gets underway, your kids are probably looking for things to do to occupy their time. If you have a teen, then a summer job may be exactly what they need to remain busy and productive, while also racking up valuable work experience. Still, you might be wondering—how involved should you be in helping your teen secure a summer job?

A Wealth of Knowledge

Unlike your teens, you as an adult will have a working knowledge of the job market and how to look for jobs. With 70% of teens asking their parents for help in the job-seeking process, you can be of great assistance in helping them get off to the right start. Although you shouldn’t do all the heavy lifting, there’s nothing wrong with giving guidance on how to write up a resume and submit job applications.

Knowing How to Prep Them

Shari Bossmann, a high school CTE CNA Instructor, explained that constructive ways that parents can prepare their kids for their job hunt is by conducting mock interviews. Still, it’s important not to spoonfeed them with answers that they must give and at least allow some independent thinking while sticking to guidelines.

Keep Boundaries

While you may want to help your kids as much as possible, it’s important not to offer excessive help as this can actually prevent them from becoming independent. Do not accompany your kids to interviews as this appears to the interviewer as if your teens are not independent and “can’t function as a professional,” Bossmann explained. While reviewing your teens’ resumes is perfectly fine, do not write it for them.