Should You Give Your Kid Vitamin Supplements?

Many adults take vitamins daily to improve their nutrient intake and boost their health. If your kids are reluctant to eat their vegetables, it can be tempting to give them some vitamin supplements too, especially as kids need certain nutrients to support their growth and development. Whilst it’s always important to check with a physician before providing your kid with vitamins, here are some tips to consider if you do get the go-ahead from the doctor.

Are They a Fussy Eater?

If your child frequently refuses to eat anything other than chicken nuggets and fries, vitamin supplements could be useful in ensuring that they are receiving essential nutrients. However, you don’t want your kid thinking that a beige diet is fine as long as they’re taking their vitamins, so it’s best to view this as a short-term measure whilst you continue to work on broadening your child’s diet.

Are They Very Active?

If your kid is involved in a considerable amount of physical activity, such as gymnastic sessions, dance, or soccer, it can be helpful to up their intake of iron, protein, and other essential nutrients in order to protect and strengthen their bones and muscles. As always, consult a physician first, but very active children may benefit from adding some supplements to their normal diet.

Are They Going Through a Growth Spurt?

If your child is doing a lot of growing at the moment, it may be a good idea to up their intake of certain vitamins and nutrients to ensure their developing body is getting everything it needs. Again, check which nutrients may be needed with a physician, and remember that if your child is reluctant to take supplements, their nutritional needs can be met with a broad and balanced diet focusing on plants and whole grains.