Should You Dress Your Twins the Same?

When you have twins, there are different approaches to how to raise them. Some people focus on bringing out the differences in each of their kids, so that they have a strong sense of their separate identities, whereas others are happy for their kids to dress the same, do the same activities, and play tricks on strangers who can’t tell them apart. If you’re a parent of twins, you may be wondering whether you should be dressing them the same. In some ways it’s easier, but is it harming your kids’ identities? Read on for some advice and tips on this issue.

Let the Kids Lead

Some twins love dressing the same and make an effort to match each other. If this is coming from both twins, then it’s fine to go along with it and indulge them. Many twins recognize that they have a super special bond, and dressing the same is one way of identifying this to the world. However, as your twins get older it’s possible that one (or both) may want to start carving out their own identity, in which case encourage them to shop for their own style and personality.

Special Occasions

Some parents find that their twins want to dress differently most of the time, apart from when it comes to special occasions such as family weddings. Dressing the same at these events helps to remind everyone and reinforce their bond. It also makes it easier and simpler for you, as once they’ve chosen their outfit they’re both sorted. They can mix things up with some different accessories so that more distant relatives can still tell them apart if they’re identical.

School Style

If your kids wear a uniform to their school, it may be a good idea to do their hair in a different style or to give one of them a different color t-shirt, so that teachers and peers can tell them apart. While it may be funny for them to sometimes be mistaken, if this repeatedly happens it can get annoying and even dent your twins’ confidence. If they don’t have to wear a uniform at school, you may want to encourage them to dress similarly but not identically, so that friends can tell them apart.