Should You Buy Your Children Their Own Suitcase?

If you’re planning a family vacation, the question of whether or not to buy your child their first suitcase might be on your mind. Is it a good idea? Here are a few considerations. 

Independence and Responsibility

Buying your children their own suitcases can encourage a sense of independence and responsibility. They can take charge of packing their belongings, which not only empowers them but also teaches valuable organizational skills. 

Engagement in the Journey

Having their own suitcase can make children feel more engaged in the travel experience. It becomes a tangible part of the journey, and they may develop a sense of anticipation and responsibility for their belongings.

Consideration of Age and Trip Duration

For very young children or short trips, sharing a suitcase might be more practical. But as children get older and for longer vacations, having their own suitcase becomes more feasible and beneficial.

Budget Considerations

While kid-friendly suitcases are designed to be durable and lightweight, they may also come at a higher price compared to using a shared family suitcase. 

Bottom Line

If you’re uncertain, you can always start with a trial period. Let your child use a suitcase for a smaller trip and evaluate how well it works for them and the family.